Mark Anthony Photography | Portrait Session FAQ's



We’re more than happy to help and answer any questions you may have, but please read our frequently asked questions below before you get in touch as you’ll probably find the answer to your question right here. And if you can’t then please do ask, remember the only silly question is the one that doesn’t get asked.


  • Q. I want a ‘Studio to you’ session, how much space do I need in my house?
    A. Around 8ft by 7ft is the minimum needed to work comfortably.


  • Q. Is there anything we can do to make the session better?
    A. Have a think about the kind of images you would like from the session, we want to create images that you’ll love so please tell us what you like, and anything you don’t.


  • Q. What clothes should we wear?
    A. Wear what you’re most comfortable in, jeans and a t-shirt is fine, although for a family session it normally looks better if you’re all in similar clothing and colours.


  • Q. Can we change clothes during the session?
    A. Yes, we encourage it as it gives a wider variety of images for you to choose from.


  • Q. What if we've booked a location session and it's raining?
    A. Our cameras are weather sealed, so unless it's torrential we're more than happy to go through with the session, jumping in puddles with funky wellies is great fun and makes for some great images, aswell as getting some great natural images in or around your home, so there's no real need to cancel.


  • Q. What if our child gets a visible scratch or bump the day before the session?
    A. During the editing process we can airbrush any small marks out, children get bumps and bruises it's part of growing up and we make so many disappear it's become second nature to us. Obviously if anyone is injured to the point of being uncomfortable we'd advise against going ahead with the session though as it will show in the photo's.


  • Q. Will you bring props, if so then what kind?
    A. We try to keep props to a minimum, preferring to capture more natural images, a child’s own toys and belongings are often the best props as they’re more personal, a giant teddy or some alphabet blocks are as good as anything we could bring in.


  • Q. What if we book a session and are unable to go through with it?
    A. We’re human, we know things don’t always go to plan, all we ask is for you let us know 48hrs in advance of your session and we’ll reschedule it with you for another time.


  • Q. I'm concerned that once we've had our session you'll start the hard sell and try to push us into buying more than we really want as we've heard of other photographers doing the same, will you?
    A. Absolutely not, we believe our work should be strong enough to sell itself.
    Once your images are ready for you to view we'll send you an email with a link so that you can view your gallery of images at your leisure, we will ask you to confirm that you've received the email and can access the gallery and that's all, we're here to help if you have any questions about any of our products but won't try to pressure you for an order at all, it's just not the way we want our customers to remember us.


  • Q. What if we want to make a complaint about any part of your service?
    A. We value our clients and treat you as such, and work hard to ensure complete satisfaction, let's face it, without you we wouldn't have a business doing something that we genuinely love doing. Many clients refer us to their friends and extended families, but in the unlikely event that something does go wrong we will do everything we can to put it right. Our reputation is very important to us, we plan to keep it that way.