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We've developed these sessions primarily for people that are looking to get into modelling, spend a few hours with us on location and go away with enough images to start your portfolio off with a bang, and sound advice on where to show them off to get the greatest impact and hopefully lead to more work.

Sadly there's an endless supply of new 'guys with cameras' that pop up on social media groups almost daily, that have no understanding of lighting, composition or posing, offering free sessions and supplying dozens of poor images that will never make anyone consider paying you in the future, and they disappear just as quick when they realise it takes a lot more than a shiny new camera and a bit of chat, or even worse they try to talk you into showing more than you want to, to get photos for their own use.

We do not even undertake any kind of nude or topless work.

Our model sessions cost just £100.00 and includes a minimum of 10 finished images supplied on a USB stick.

Why not make an investment in yourself. we supply a valuable and professional service and supply you with a selection of creative, high quality and marketable images.

Please get in touch to discuss any ideas you have.


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